Vitamin C Moisturizers - September 4th, 2009

Vitamin C is one of the best treatments for many cases of acne, and it can be easily added to a moisturizer to protect your skin from aging.  It’s the easiest way anyway.  And frankly, if you get vitamin C crystals, about $10 for a huge jar, you can easily make your own vitamin C moisturizer, which I actually prefer to do, because otherwise you will be paying quite a bit more to say the very least.  But that being said, vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is also a powerful antioxidant. 

It is capable of killing off free radicals that happen to lie on the skin and otherwise giving it a new glow while also addressing many of the reasons why your skin may be damaged, dry, or otherwise.  They have even suggested that it may actually help the skin to regenerate itself to some degree and therefore not only heal acne, but prevent future damage.  There have been quite a few stipulations and recommendations concerning vitamin C.  And while most won’t be deficient in vitamin C to the point of scurvy, it’s never a bad idea to supplement it into your diet more or apply it directly to the skin for that matter in the form of a vitamin C moisturizer.

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