Sunless Tanning - August 22nd, 2009

Frankly some people go to the salon to fake bake.  They think that they are safe, because they are just using the tanning beds, and it’s not that bad, and they’ll be dark even in the winter.  Of course there are those tales of the woman who used the tanning bed way too much to get ready for her wedding and melted all her insides, but that’s not actually a true one.  But the simple fact is that in terms of your skin, the sun is harmful to the skin, especially in excessive amounts. 

A tanning bed uses excessive amounts of the wrong ingredients, well the wrong kinds of rays that actually do more damage to your skin than others like it.  So this can cause obvious problems for you, and it makes everything worse.  Yes, you are darker.  But you run a much higher risk of sun spots, wrinkles, and worst of all skin cancer.  You will look 20 years older instead of 20 years younger or even your own age.  It’s just not worth it.  Plus obviously they aren’t paying you to use these beds.  You are losing more money just adding insult to injury in so many ways.  So you would be far better off finding something else that would work more effectively.

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